Saturday, May 5, 2012

The time an Apollo 16 astronaut swore about farting on the moon

We already know that farting astronauts are serious business, but the fact is that even the best-trained moonwalker can't stop themselves from passing gas. Apollo 16 astronaut John Young didn't just fart prolifically while on the moon, he colorfully described his flatulence during a mission debriefing

I'm not sure whether that's an audio recording of the exchange between Young and NASA Mission Control or whether it's a reenactment based on the mission transcript, but Young did indeed toss off a "fuck" or two when describing his OJ-based indigestion to his crewmate Charlie Duke. (And after all the trouble NASA went through to keep astronauts from swearing over their microphones.)

Read the full article here. By Lauren Davis published at io9 .

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