Friday, June 1, 2012

Electric Moon Jolts The Solar Wind

An interesting article published at PhysOrg explains about the Moon influence on the solar wind.

( -- With the Moon as the most prominent object in the night sky and a major source of an invisible pull that creates ocean tides, many ancient cultures thought it could also affect our health or state of mind – the word “lunacy” has its origin in this belief. Now, a powerful combination of spacecraft and computer simulations is revealing that the Moon does indeed have a far-reaching, invisible influence – not on us, but on the Sun, or more specifically, the solar wind.

Read the full article at PhysOrg, HERE.

The solar wind produces splendid auroras, visible on the Earth.
Watch this amazing time-lapse video from ISS that showing how the aurora is seen from space.

YouTube - Time lapse aurora from ISS, HD

One more stunning video at Wired shows incredible aurora.
 on Wired which explains how the aurora happens.

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